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2018 Camp 60's

Dear Campers and Camp 60's Supporters,

After much thought and discussions with some campers and clergy and considering my health at this time, it has been decided that Camp 60s 2018, July 16th ~ 20th, must be cancelled, but with hopes that we can resurrect it in 2019. I am asking Chapel Rock to save us our usual accommodations for that time.

Staff members are becoming more and more difficult to come by…

you know the old adage about asking a busy person to do something? It is because a busy person will always find time to accomplish the project at hand while a less busy person will say they are “too busy” or just procrastinate until one just does the job themselves. However, there is a point when a really busy person just has to say no… none of us have limitless time or energy. We have lost our wonderful chaplain, The Rev. Julie O’Brien, to the bishop’s selection committee and convention, and our deacon, Rev. Chuck Milhoan, to his several ministries and his commercial business. Without them and considering my own health, I am at somewhat of a loss on how to put together a meaningful program for camp for this July’s Camp 60s.

It is also clear that it takes many committed people to create and pull off a successful camp. We will be spending the remainder of 2018 attempting to build up a team of folks to plan and implement the camp program moving forward so that the spirit of Camp 60’s can continue into the future.

Please keep Camp 60’s in your prayers as we regroup. If you are interested in participating on the planning team, please let me know. I look forward to being with you all in July 2019!

Love and Blessings to you all,
Lee Brunson
Dean – Camp 60s More or Less

60s Camp

Camp 60's More Or Less

Camp 60’s More or Less is a fun spiritual summer camp for adults – we’ve had campers between 42 and 9X. It’s like the summer camp fun of your childhood with all of the amenities of a deluxe hotel.

Camp 60’s is a welcoming camp where you can rest, relax, reflect, refresh, rejuvenate and renew yourself in a Christian setting. Camp wouldn’t be camp without a talent show, an exciting music program, arts and crafts, time for meditation and of course, amazing food.

Camp 60’s is hosted at Chapel Rock conference facilities in Prescott, Arizona, where you’ll experience a breath of fresh mountain air, with the scent of pines, a vista of massive boulders and nearby mountains, and a mild climate. Rooms include comfy beds, private baths and accessible accommodations. Food is prepared by a professional cooking staff with a reputation for delicious and healthy meals served buffet style in the dining hall. This is really like “camping” at Club Med... definitely NOT your kids’ camp. One of our leaders once described Chapel Rock and Camp 60s as climbing into the lap of God.

As always you can join in as much or as little as you wish. It’s your week to enjoy time with other campers or just kick back and relax in the incredible beauty of the Chapel Rock campus. The purpose of Camp 60’s More or Less is to get you away from daily interruptions and help you develop a closer relationship with God.

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