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Low Ropes

The Low Ropes Course is the perfect place to combine planning, strategy, communication, commitment, trust, and action. The hands-on lessons learned on the Low Ropes Course can transfer directly into the class or conference room, to the field or field station.

Low Ropes Course

The Wall

A great group challenge that requires participants to formulate a systematic approach to get some or all of the participants up and over the wall. The group must capitalize on the strengths of each individual and align people in positions were they can be effective.
The wall can be used as a metaphor for getting through tough obstacles as a team.


Low Ropes Course

The Spider Web

To accomplish this activity the entire group will need to be passed from one side of the web to the other. Trust and big picture thinking are key ingredients to solve this puzzle. Leadership, following, and compromise are aspects that every group will need to be successful.



Low Ropes Course

Mohawk Walk

Your group will travel along multiple cables (12 inches off the ground). Working against the clock, your group strives to get everyone to the end. Multi-tasking, communication, clear consistent leadership, performing with limited resources, and efficient pre-planning are major themes of this activity.



Low Ropes Course

Tire Traverse

A physical challenge taken on in pairs or solo. Adaptability is the key as you use balance, communication, and strategy to make it to the top.



Low Ropes Course

Rocking All Aboard

Group members board a rocking platform while maintaining balance. This group challenge requires true attention to detail, precise communication, and the ability to move forward after mistakes.



TP Shuffle

While on a single telephone pole, the group members must silently get into a specific order without falling off. Participants must support each other in this physically close challenge. Non-verbal communication, strategy, and leadership are important ingredients for success.


Trust Fall

The trust fall is usually the culminating activity of a trust progression where participants are learning how to effectively support one another physically and mentally.


Nitro Crossing

Using a Tarzan style rope participants must travel inside the event area to achieve a set of tasks. Pre-planning and staying on task are paramount in this timed challenge. Physical support and self awareness of actions are also discussed.


Zigzag Crossing

Crossing the ‘lava’ pit on stationary stumps (erased comma here) and a few pieces of ‘un-burnt’ wood challenges your group to really perform. Manage your resources, communicate clearly, make a plan, and stay calm as the clock runs down.


Tension Triangle Traverse

Participants cross a cable while balancing with a hand line. Eventually, participants have to cross over each other. Focus, balance, clear communication, and creative problem solving help get pairs through this activity.


Swinging Chairs

After the group is split in two, members must navigate through a series of swinging chairs to reach the opposite side. While traveling each group member must retrieve an object off the ground with the help of the team. Teams work on clear planning, sequential steps and working inside defined boundaries.

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